November 3, 2011

Liberty Arch Bell #2 10-11-2011

Standing inside the Liberty Arch Bell
It had been over a year and half since my husband and I did this hike. (see my blog from last year May 2010) We have been hiking with groups for a while now that we decided to do this hike by ourselves. It is not hard hike at all, but rather, so pretty. And we are more physically fit (as far as hiking goes) this year so we knew this hike was a piece of cake!
We saw a family of big horn sheep. They were really close!

The difference between the first time and this time around is season. It was in May and I remember it was really hot. We didn't have all the hiking gears and gadgets that we have now,,like CamelPak. Carrying CamelPak on our back for water and everything else makes a hundred times easier than carrying heavy water bottles. 

Secondly, we made a difference by going up all the way to the Liberty Arch Bell and back side of it. Last time we took a picture having the Arch as background because it didn't look like it was climbable. This time we were more exploratory so just had to go up to see what was there!
taking pic from where I stand (inside the Arch).  Hoover Dam bypass bridge is in distance
 As last time, we proceeded to the observation point for Colorado River. When you come to the Liberty Arch Bell, this spot is a MUST place to stop by. There, we had snack and took pictures! The Colorado River below seems so close but it is actually 1000 ft below us!

I love this picture below because my husband posted on the facebook titling "my wife my life" The sweetest thing to see from loving husband!
We have once mapped out where the route somehow connects to get on the Arizona Hot Spring hiking trail (see my blog). They both have a same trail head. This is on top of the hill, and the Hot Spring is down in the canyon. The theory sounds simple,, just get down the canyon. This is the third difference we made,, attempting on finding the Hot Spring trail. We derailed ourselves off of the current course and tried to find the path, but we kept getting to the dead end,, cliffs and drop offs.  Since we didn't want daylight to run out, we decided to get back to the original trail to go back to the car. Here we just created another challenge to come back to next time!


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